Re: If A3=alpha numeric,"X", if A3=text,"Y", Blank

Alpha Numeric = 1 Alphabet (A to Z) and 3 Numerical Digits.

Text = All text, no numbers

"Ron Rosenfeld" <ronrosenfeld@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Mon, 7 Aug 2006 01:04:03 -0600, "Gary" <gaurav_ss@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok.....this is what am trying to do.

If A3=alpha numeric,"X", if A3=text,"Y", Blank

any ideas?

Your request is a little vague for me.

What is your definition of alpha numeric?

In other words, is there a particular sequence of letters and numbers, or
is it
any sequence which contains both letters and numbers?

Also, do the letters have to be restricted to the set [A-Z] (capital
only) or are there other possibilities?

What is your definition of TEXT?

In Excel, text can include the set of numbers, depending on how they have
entered. It can also include any non-alphabetic character. Your
may differ.


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