RE: How do I calculate if a date is in a certain time frame?

WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I did it!!!! I used:
It worked!!!!! Thank You so much for helping me figure out what I needed
to do!!!

"Pe66les" wrote:

> I am tracking dates of service and I need to be able to see if dates fall
> within a certain time frame.
> column F Column H
> row 1 (date 1) (date 2)
> column H column J column L
> (Client 1) date date date
> I want to see if any of the clients dates fall between date 1 and date 2.
> If any fall between these dates then count as 1 or true. If the dates are
> before date 1 or after date 2, then I don't want to count them at all. The
> problem is if I use > date 1 and < date 2 then it counts everything before
> date 1 as well. Please help me.