RE: Unable to delete file from Sharepoint Server Library using VBA

I've gotten around that by using some code to select the folder and/or file
to use and the user can select it using their mapped name.
Barb Reinhardt

"Net_prof" wrote:


I tried your suggestion, but it won't let me map a drive at the root
directory. Because we have multiple subdirectories, one for each step in the
process, this will not work.

In addition, I am already questioning the feasibility of creating map drives
that would require drive letter to be stored in the filepath for each step
directory. If a company manager trying to use this did not have the same
drive mapping, the application would not work for him.

Any other suggestions would be great and are appreciated.



"Barb Reinhardt" wrote:

I've run some macros from within excel on Sharepoint server and the way I
accessed the files was using a mapped drive. It might work if you accessed
them that way.
Barb Reinhardt

"Net_prof" wrote:

I have an Excel application which needs to move the workbook to different
Sharepoint library (directory) depending on the step in the process. The
application is a combination of Worksheets and VBA modules. Each step is
initiated by clicking a command button that is embedded in the excel
worksheet. The current workbook is then moved to the new directory. The
move is accomplished via a SaveAs command.

What I'm having problems with is deleting the original version of the
workbook left behind after the new file has been saved in the new
directory/library. I have tried Kill and the FSO.DeleteFile method with no
results. I want to accomplish this using VBA within the application workbook.

I have accomplished this a number of times in prior projects outside of
Sharepoint server. This is my first project using Sharepoint Server, which
may account for part of the reason (not being familiar with the correct way
to do this in the Sharepoint environment). I can even run this application
on my local drive with no problem.

Is there a solution or direction I can look in to resolve this?? Anyone who
can assist, please let me know as soon as possible.


Ken Etter