Re: Excel Recent Files Issue

I think that this isn't excel's MRU list. It belongs to Windows.

When you click on Windows Start button|Documents, you'll see a list of shortcuts
to the most recently used windows files.

I don't have another guess.

Jerry8989 wrote:

Dave thanks for the reply but when I test what Jim says it doesn't fix the
issue because I need to change the recent files for Excel. The shell folders
key within the registry doesn't seem to effect the excel recent files.


"Dave Peterson" wrote:

First, I don't speak ASP.Net, but...

I think Jim Rech suggested this:

Check to see where your "Recent" folder points to.

If it points at your desktop, that could be where windows/excel is storing the

Here's the link to Jim's post/thread.

Heck, here's his message:


Well it sounds as if your "Recent" folder and your "Desktop" folder have
merged. Everytime you open an Office document a shortcut goes to the Recent
Documents folder. On my machine running Windows XP those folders are listed
under this registry key:


You might run Regedit.exe and look for something amiss. I think the Recent
entry should point to something like this: C:\Documents and
Settings\UserName\Recent. If it points to the same place as your Desktop
entry you have your answer.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

Jerry8989 wrote:

Whenever my ASP.NET app creates an excel file and saves it a get a shortcut
on my C drive. The original excel file is saving in the correct place. But
I think the recent file is what is being created on the C drive. How can I
stop this? Can I change where the recent files for excel are saved off?

Thank You


Dave Peterson


Dave Peterson