Re: Assign click functionality to dynamically created textboxes?

Well, found another way around the problem through trial and error in
case anyone has a simalr problem and a search turns up this thread:


Function GetTextValue()

Dim Code as String

'insert code that controls the building of the userform. In my case, 2 command buttons and a dynamic number of textboxes

Code = ""
Dim tlRow As Long
Dim M As Long
Dim Part1 As String
Dim Part2 As String
Dim Part3 As String
With Worksheets("hidden1")
tlRow = .Cells(Rows.Count, 26).End(xlUp).Row 'where i get the values for the textboxes

' Define 3 string variables and create code blocks that will coorespond to each dynamically created textbox

For M = 1 To tlRow

Part1 = "Sub Textbox" & M & "_dblclick(ByVal Cancel as MSForms.ReturnBoolean)"
Part2 = " Textbox" & M & " = calendar1"
Part3 = "End Sub"

Code = Code & Part1 & vbCrLf
Code = Code & Part2 & vbCrLf
Code = Code & Part3 & vbCrLf

Next M

End With

' Code for CommandButton1
Code = Code & "Sub CommandButton1_Click()" & vbCrLf
Code = Code & "Unload Me" & vbCrLf
Code = Code & "Call Canceled" & vbCrLf
Code = Code & "End Sub" & vbCrLf

'Code for CommandButton2
Code = Code & "Sub CommandButton2_Click()" & vbCrLf
Code = Code & "Unload Me" & vbCrLf
Code = Code & "Call OK" & vbCrLf
Code = Code & "End Sub" & vbCrLf

End Function


When the function is called, a runtime-genreated form is generated.
The code of that useform is generated by the code = code "" statements.
To create dynamic code for the useform, I put the For loop inside the
codeblock for the useform that looped for each instance of a textbox.

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