RE: Excel and Powerpoint

You can run the PowerPoint presentation through Excel. First open Excel and
>From the Menu bar click Tools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor. From the menu on
the left in Visual Basic double click "This Workbook". Copy and Paste this
Macro into the area:
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Presentation 1").Select
Selection.Verb Verb:=xlPrimary
End Sub

Close Visual Basic
From the Menu bar click Insert, and Object. Click Create From File Tab, and
insert your presentation file, then check "display as icon" and click OK. On
the top left there should be a box that says "Object 1". Drag through that
and rename it "Presentation 1". Next, click on Insert again, Pictures, and
Auto Shapes. Create a box. Right click on the box and select Assign Macro.
You should see in the drop down "ThisWorkbook.Macro1". Select it and hit OK.
Now you can put text inside that shape that reads "Run Presentation" or
You may have to split your presentation into two parts Have your macro run
the first part of the presentation, then have it open the Excel file you want
to view, and run the next part of your presentation. It may require you to
save your presentation as two seperate files. Just repeat the code i.e.:

Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' To View Slideshow
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Presentation 1").Select
Selection.Verb Verb:=xlPrimary
' To View Excel Document
Workbooks.Open Filename:="your document name here.xls"
' To close Documen After Viewing
msg = "Done"
DialogStyle = vbOKOnly
Title = "Done Viewing"
Response = MsgBox(msg, DialogStyle, Title)
If Response = vbOK Then
End If
' To open second part of presentation
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Presentation 2").Select
Selection.Verb Verb:=xlPrimary

End Sub

Ofcourse, you will have to insert the second part of your presentation file
as another object and name it "Presentation 2"

If you need any help, my email is impermanently@xxxxxxxxxxxx

"funkymonkUK" wrote:

> Hi
> I have a Powerpoint presentation which has Excel screenshots which are
> copy and pasted onto this presentation if there is a way of viewing it
> in normal excel or if you can run macros through it.
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> funkymonkUK
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