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Yeah, we all bite from time to time. And if it was determined that the OP
had phrased it that way intentionally to get a rise out of folks in the
forum, then some moderator would come along and ding him for 'trolling'.
Hell of it all, in the case of the site I helped out with, was that usually
the guy/gal that came along and took the bait got in more hot water than the
original troll because that button had gotten pushed and their response was
usually less than well thought out. It's a strange world.
Of course, since these forums really don't seem to have much in the way of
moderator control, and no way to edit posts, stuff tossed at the fan tends to
stick on whatever the fan slung it on to, LOL.

"Ken Wright" wrote:

I know, and I don't usually bite to be honest, but that one just pushed a


"JLatham" <JLatham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just for my take on it - I try not to judge by tone of post in an
international community. Quite often a politely phrased request, once run
through something like BabelFish, can lose quite a bit in translation.
After having helped to moderate a very large website for some 7 years, I
learned that this 2-dimensional communication media leaves much to be
in the way of actually catching nuances of tone of voice or meaning.
Basically boils down, for me, that if I don't like the tone of a post, I
just move on to the next one without devoting any time to it or worrying
about it any further.

"Ken Wright" wrote:

That is just so damned rude, from the subject to the tone of the note.

"sak" <sak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
on close of a workbook a cell value should be written to another


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