Re: DSUM function

I tried that and got a #NAME error. I sent another response to the guy who
answered me before with more detail in it. Maybe if you look at that post it
will help you help me.

thank you in advance.
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"Debra Dalgleish" wrote:

The DSUM structure is:

The first argument in your DSUM formula should give the location of the
entire table where the data is stored, not just the column you're trying
to sum.
If the table is on the Employee Data sheet, starts in cell A6 and ends
in cell E109, the table's range would be: 'Employee Data'!A6:E109

The second argument in the DSUM formula should give the heading or
number of the column that you want to sum. Since you want to sum the
amounts in column E, you could enter a 5 for that part of the formula.

The third argument gives the location where you have entered a heading
and the criteria for which rows to sum. Perhaps column C has the heading
Vac Days, and you want to sum the records which have 17 vacation days.
To create a criteria range, go to cell D3 on the Employee Data sheet,
and type Vac Days.
In cell D4, type the number of days vacation: 17
In your DSUM formula, you'll refer to cells D3 and D4, which is the
criteria range.

Your revised formula would be:
=DSUM('Employee Data'!$A$6:$E$109,5,'Employee Data'!D3:D4)

Kimmer wrote:
Does anyone know anything about this function? I have been everywhere. I
can not get it to work. I have tried every formula I can figure out. I even
went to the library for the Excel 2003 for Dummies book and they dont even
talk about this function. This is part of my homework and if I could just get
this figured out without getting #VALUE error or just a 0 or more than what
the total should be I would be home free and be able to finish this class.


Debra Dalgleish