One cell is printing per page

When trying to print a worksheet, one cell is printing per page.

I have tried changing the width to 1 page Wide and "Automatic" pages tall,
as well as resetting the print area, with no fix. When I change the scale %,
it will move the page breaks, but then my sheet will not fit on one page.
When I try dragging the page breaks in Page break preview, I get a message
that "Microsoft Excel cannot move the page break because doing so would
reduce the scale to below the minimum 10 percent".

This has happened to me several times sporadically, and I (nor anyone I work
with) has been able to figure out how to fix it.

It always happens with files I have already printed and saved (with the
print settings I want). But for some reason when I open the file up, it
defaults to one cell per page. Sometimes it is fixed by closing the file and
reopening, but not always.

Any help is appreciated - Thanks!


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