Margins do not fit page size

Hi, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason whenever I try to print
one of the pages of my excel workbook I get the following error
message pop up "margins do not fit page size", and the page looks
scrambled. When I click away from the page and click back it is
unscrambled and all in order again, but it will not print. Also, when
I pres the save button I get the same message, although the file seems
to be saving fine. I have had to resort to taking screen prints of
these particular pages and printing them in word, not ideal! I have
looked at view / page break, and the blue lines are nicely situated
around the small amount of text that I want to print, I have also
tried highlighting the cells I want to print (not that man of them),
and gone to file, print area / set print area/ then adusted the
margins and asked it to print to one page etc etc, and all the other
variations of that sort of activity you can think of, but still it
keeps coming back with this message.

I have used this file with no problems for months, and I am not aware
of anything specific being changed including the printers themselves.

Please help!