Re: Excel Temporary Files Location

Thanks for you answer Dave,

it'll create a temporary workbook when it saves
Can I change this file location? The Excel files are on a NAS device.
This NAS device communicates with an Antivirus Server. We do not want
these temporary files to be sent to the AV server and so it would be
better if the temporary files would be saved on the local machine
instead of on the NAS device.

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On Mar 28, 4:47 pm, Dave Peterson <peter...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Excel doesn't do this.

Are you sure it's not your antivirus software.

Excel will store some temporary files in your windows temp folder--and it'll
create a temporary workbook when it saves, but if that save is successful, then
that workbook will disappear.

MSWord does create a temporary file in that same folder. It'll start with a
tilde ~ (IIRC).

Frederik wrote:

Hi all,

When Excel opens a file, it creates a temporary file in the same
directory. This file disappears as soon as the Excel workbook is
closed again. But what if I want these temporary files to be created
in a chosen location, instead of the same directory as where my file

Thanks for your time and answer!



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