Re: difference between cell names and cell labels


A cell name is like A1 (unless you're using R1C1 notation). A range name,
which can be one or more cells, is defined in Insert - Name - Define, or in
the Name box at the left of the formula bar, and can be used in a formula in
place of e.g.: A1 or A1:A20. Look in Help for Range Name.

You can also use labels (on your sheet) such as column headings in formulas,
but it's not reliable unless you follow some rules. I don't recommend it.
YOu have to have "Accept labels in formulas" turned on in Tools - Options -

Earl Kiosterud
"bobby769" <bobby769@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
what's the difference and when would I use one over the other.

I want to sum values in different worksheets that are in the same file.

A2 is "loans active"
A3 is "current"
B1 is "Credit grade A"
C1 is "Credit Grade B"

Values are in B2:C3