Re: why Excel2000 don't allow to write

xl2002 was the first version of excel that allowed this range by range
protection. If you open the workbook in an earlier version, then this feature
doesn't exist.

ldiaz wrote:

hi all.

I have an 2003 excel sheet where I have protected to allow users to edit
it works fine in all computer where are running excel 2003, but in computers
where are running excel2000, it does not allow to write even if the field is
available to write then
appear the message that say:
The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore

but message don't appear in Excel 2003

I have asked MIS to upgrade to office 2003, but if you know another option
to correct this issue, I will appreciate so much.

Lorenzo Díaz
Cad Technician


Dave Peterson