Re: Numerical Grouping of 10,00,000.00 lacs not possible in Excel

Use a custom format of


will format say 1234567890 as 123,45,67,890.00


Bob Phillips

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"Utkarsh Patel" <Utkarsh Patel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It has been observed that when numbers are required to be grouped for
it is not possible in Excel. Even though when you select the regional
settings for Metric this is not used as defalt by Excel. The tragedy is
you go to regional settings India as a country does not exist on this list
and nither does its currency symble.

I would appreciate if some one has a solution for this please send the
to me as to read quickly with Million grouping is difficult as day to day
aqre used to lacs and Crores and not millions and billions.

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