RE: How do I link data between spreadsheets?

If you go to Excel Help and type in "cell referencing" it should take you a
help page with the following heading:

About cell and range references

The following links are on that page:

The A1 reference style
The differences between relative and absolute references
The 3-D reference style The R1C1 reference style

The reference type that was illustrated in my last reply is the 3-D
reference style.

I think you'll find some much needed information on these help screens.

The only dumb questions are the ones that go unasked.

Kevin Backmann

"Allie" wrote:

Thank you Kevin,

If I were to read further on this, would it be called "referencing" because
I have a book on Excel 2003 but there's nothing in the index called

So I simply put an equals sign (=), name of the sheet i want to link
(Sheet1,2,3 etc), add an exclamation mark (!) then the two or more cells I
want linked (A5)?

Couple of questions:

1) Can I link more than one sheet in this way
2) Can i link more than two cells?
3) Can I link rows like this?
2) What is the exclamation mark for?
3) if the two cells are both A5 in each worksheet that's fine, but if they
are different cell names, how do I reference (A5 + A6 for example?)

This referencing is new to me, so apologies if I sound dumb!


"Kevin B" wrote:

If the cell you're referencing is in the same workbook, you can just
reference the sheet and the cell. the following example references cell A5
in Sheet 1 from another worksheet.


If the cell you wish to reference resides in another workbook you would
reference the workbook, worksheet followed by the cell address:


Kevin Backmann

"Allie" wrote:

I am using Excel 2003. I want to be able to enter/update data in one
spreadsheet so that corresponding data in another, related spreadsheet also
updates automatically. I think both spreadsheets will be in the same
workbook. I also want to ensure that since the lines of each spreadsheet
will hold related data that the correct line is updated.

Is there a name for this procedure/formula?