Problem Opening Files

When an attempt to open an Exel file by double clicking on the file icon in
Windows Explorer the Exel window opens (without any workbook present) and the
following error message is displayed:

"Cannot find the file 'C:\***.XLS (or one of its components) Make sure the
path (... etc)"

The file can be opened by using the open command within Exel.

This problem first appeared while running MS Office under Windows 98 but has
persisted since upgrading to Windows 2000 Professional. I have tried Windows
update and repairing the program automatically from 'ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS'


MS Office XP Professional Version 10.0.6626.0

Exel 2002 version 10.0.6501.0

Windows 2000 Professional Version 5.0 (Build 2194 Service Pack 4)