Pivot Table - hide blank cells

Is there any way to suppress the display of blank cells within the data area
of a pivot table?

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  • Re: Preparation and Summarisation of data
    ... You could add two new columns to the source data, ... with your values in cells A2:C20 -- ... Refresh the pivot table, and add the new fields, summarized by Sum ... >>Add A to the Data area ...
  • Re: Pivot tables - how do I change default from "count of" to "sum of"
    ... If there are blank cells, or cells with text, in the column, Excel will default to the Count function when the field is added to the data area. ... If the column contains only numbers, it should default to Sum. ... I have a large amount of data going into a pivot table. ...
  • Re: Very basic pivottable question (XL2003)
    ... If you've added Event to the data area, the blank cells aren't counted, so you won't know how many events are missing. ... Keith R wrote: ... The pivot table is fairly simple- the left side is the data in Column E and across the top of the pivot table I have the data from Column B ... If any text is entered in those blank cells in Column E, those counts /do/ show up in the pivot table when it is refreshed, so I know that the location is working/matching properly. ...
  • Re: Totaling blank cells in Pivot Tables
    ... The difference is what field is in the data area. ... What field is in your pivot table's data area, and what field is in the other pivot table's data area? ... example I sent counted the blank cells? ... "Debra Dalgleish" wrote: ...
  • Re: Totaling blank cells in Pivot Tables
    ... The pivot table can't count blank cells, so if you put a field (e.g. ... Reply) in the row area, and Count of Reply in the data area, the item will show nothing in the data area. ... The pivot table will then show the count of records with a blank Reply field. ...