Re: Why doesn't MROUND work?

MROUND is an Analysis Toolpak function,
Tools>Add-ins, check Analysis Toolpak (and Analysis Toolpak-VBA)


Kind Regards,

Niek Otten

Microsoft MVP - Excel

<joeu2004@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> MROUND does not seem work at all in Excel 2003
> (11.6355.6360) SP1. I am using MS Win XP Pro SP2.
> When I put =MROUND(...) into a cell, I get a #NAME?
> error.
> The irony is: MROUND worked for me in previous
> Excel revisions, even though it was not in the
> catalog of commands. Now it appears in the catalog
> of commands, but it does not work. Go figure!
> Can anyone explain why MROUND does not work -- or
> how to get it to work?
> Is there an alternative function that performs the
> same computation, namely: round to a multiple of
> a specified number?
> Yes, I can compute this myself, namely: MROUND(N,M)
> = M*ROUND(N/M,0). But MROUND is more convenient.


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