stdole32.tlb is missing or damaged

From: RedSox (
Date: 11/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 07:39:23 -0800

I helped a friend install his copy of Office XP Professional last week and
everything installed fine. His computer is for home use and he has several
children accounts and one adminstration account. All of the Office products
work fine except Excel. Excel works fine on the admin account but he
receives the following error message when he launches Excel on any of the
other accounts:

"One of your object libraries (stdole32.tlb) is missing or damaged. Please
run setup to install it."

If you select ok then it appears to run and work fine but each time you run
Excel on any of the non-admin accounts you get this error message.

Any advise on how to help him fix this would be appreciated and any insight
as to how this happened would also be appreciated. Before I left this
friends house after the initial install I checked to see if it worked on all
accounts and it did so he or someone changed something to cause this. Of
course he says that he didn't do anything.

I've already run the repair option and it didn't fix the problem and I
deinstalled Office and re-installed it and this didn't fix it either.