Re: How to get rid of #VALUE! ?

From: Rusty_nl (
Date: 03/03/04

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 04:44:10 -0600

Including an ISERROR in your calculation should do the trick


Where the 0 can be "" or something else as well

Phoenix wrote:
> *Hi!
> I got the price in C2:C100 and Pieces in D2:D100. The Formula in
> E:E100 is C2*D2, C3*D3 etc. But in som of the cells in C2:C100 i have
> to add some text instead of numbers. This, off course, gives the
> formula in column E "#VALUE!"
> How can i get rid of "#VALUE!" here, and instead have "0" or just "-"
> in the formulas in column E *

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