RE: 2d-Column (Clustered Column) chart with Standard Deviation Bars


Select the series, choose Format, Selected Data Series, Y Error Bars tab,
pick Both under display and Standard deviations under error amount.

If this helps, please click the Yes button

Shane Devenshire

"Gary T" wrote:

I have a 2-D clustered column chart that shows the mean value of 4 different
samples using chunky blue coloured bars.

What I would also like to do is, on the same graph, show the standard
deviation of each sample on the relevant blue bar, such that a vertical line
is inserted in the middle of each of the blue bars that shows 1 standard
deviation up the way and one standard deviation down the way (i.e. so that it
looks like 2 letter "T"'s, symmetrically above and below each other).

I've not explained that very well but I hope someone knows roughly what I'm
trying to do - its really a typical statistical chart that shows both mean
and standard deviation on the same graph.

I can post an image if this site allows and if it would be useful.