Re: Variably sized instances of a class

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Most important, it violates the C++ standard, which means
that whatever solution you could devise, it may break on
the next compiler release or service pack, and would most
probalby be not portable.

"not portable" would mean, some of the code might have to
be rewritten for ports. If I wrap the dirty tricks in bag of
templates or whatever, I should be able to minimize the
rewriting to just that.

Can't you fix an upper-bound to the array size [...]

No. Most of them will be small - a few will be huge, and
I want non-virtual (inline) methods to work on both small
and large.

Is it, by any chance, possible to call constructor methods
explicitly on an uninitialized memory block, and will this
initialize the vtable pointer? Or is there a way to explicitly
initialize it?


Thanks - this seems to be what I need.

Now, if I do a naive delete on a *MyClass created this way, am
I right in assuming that this will call the destructor of MyClass,
and after that, deallocate the memory?

If this is the case, things aren't too bad. The destructor will need
to destroy or zero any smart pointers contained in the array, which
shouldn't be too hard.

This will enable me to stick with a relatively standard coding style,
I'll just have to create the objects by means of factory methods
rather than new'ing them.

Regards/Ole Nielsby