ExitWindows and InitiateSystemShutdown.

In some cases we need to programmatically restart/shutdown a local or remote
machine. I know that there is a Windows 2000 Resource Kit that contains a
Shutdown.exe that does just this; however, we cannot get approval to
purchase the resource kit. Therefore we are looking to programmatically
shutdown/restart Windows. We've looked at ExitWindows(Ex) and
InitiateSystemShutdown(Ex). We've made sure to adjust all the priveleges
accordingliy before invoking these functions and all functions return TRUE
indicating success. The problem that we are having is that the machine
takes a long time (on the order of 30+ minutes) to shutdown/restart, or
sometimes never at all. We do not see the "It is now safe to poweroff"
screen. All we see is a blank blue screen. I have not been able to find
anything on the web that can suggest a solution. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Aaron W. Smith