help with "rolling my own" Timer class


I am writing a timer class that I want to be able to get to notify me (via a callback func), when a specified interval has elapsed. I have most of the timer functionality figured - however, I need to spawn a new thread to carry out the "time watch" - and I need to do this in a cross platform (Well Linux/Windows) way ...

Any help will be much appreciated. The code (snippet) follows below:

#include <ctime>

typedef void (*TIMER_CB_FUNC)( void ) ;

class Timer {
	inline Timer():m_cbfunc(0),m_interval(0),m_stime(0){} ;
	Timer( TIMER_CB_FUNC, unsigned short) ;
	Timer( const Timer&) ;
	Timer& operator= (const Timer& ) ;
	virtual ~Timer() ; //not really required

	TIMER_CB_FUNC	m_cbfunc ;
	unsigned short	m_interval ;
	time_t		m_stime ;

	/* private functions */
	void reset( void );

Basically when the Timer class is constructed, it must start a new thread that waits till the time is up and then notifies me. MTIA


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