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I basically have a 2008 solution that I need to make changes to. I am
trying to determine how this solution (.sln file) is setup. There is no
When I compile this application is debug mode, it needs lots of files. If I
compile the .sln file in 'release' mode, the application compiles with a few

Basically I am trying to determine how this .sln is setup beofre I make
any changes to it.

Why would buidling in release mode versus debug mode make a difference?
Does it make sense to add a reference to a .dll file in release mode but not
in debug mode?

"Armin Zingler" wrote:

Am 01.06.2010 17:39, schrieb aaron:
"Armin Zingler" wrote:

How about if both projects are not a "class library", can one project in
the same solution access another solution? If so, how would this be setup to

If you start an executable, a new process is created. DLLs are libraries that
are loaded dynamically into the process space of a process.

If you have multiple "Exe" projects (Winforms project, Console project) in
the same solution, you can choose which of these projects shall be started
whenever you start debugging. Every executable started is a separate process.
Even if the same Dll (class library) is referenced by different projects and
is consequently loaded into different process spaces, they don't share common
data. Therefore you must use IPC as mentioned.

In the very most cases there is only one Exe project in a solution.