RE: Get url for pdf file from AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser

I not sure, but maybe when the webdisplay.document.all(0).outerhtml doesn't
work, it is the pdf file. So, how to I copy the object (which I think is the
pdf file) to a local folder?

"LN Mike" wrote:

Some of the "web pages" actually just let the acrobat reader take over the
entire browser control. I put a break point on my brower control
"DocumentComplete" event, so I'm able to see each and every page that comes
through. However with the web sites that I can't get a src tag, I can't open
the document at all, it seems DocumentComplete sends me a pdf file not a html
file, so I can't see outerhtml.

WebDisplay.Document.All(0).outerhtml gives me the following error message

Run-time exception thrown : System.MissingMemberException - Public member
'All' on type 'IAcroAXDocShim' not found.

But with the web sites that do work, I'm able to see the html code that has
the src tag.

""Jie Wang [MSFT]"" wrote:

Hello Mike,

When you say "some web sites don't provide the web page with a src tag", do
you mean those "web pages" actually just let the Acrobat reader take over
the entire browser control (the PDF document was fully filled into the
control)? Or those web pages uses other means to embed a PDF file as a
portion of the entire HTML page?

Could you give me a specific sample of the problem you met so I can better
understand the situation and see if we can come out a solution to it?


Jie Wang (jiewan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, remove 'online.')

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