RE: vb2005 - how to create setup/deploy -- no wizard -- VS2005 Pro?

mysteriously, the setup wizard finally showed up in the right pane of the New
Projects dialog box. It was not there before...hmmm.

"Rich" wrote:


I have Visual Studio 2005 Professional. I have been deploying VB2005 apps
using "Click Once" which works great and will add .Net 2.0 framework where
needed and adds all prerequisite files, the Report viewer for printing, com
references, ... Everything works great! on our intranet.

But now I need to add an app to a machine (XP pro) that is not on our
intranet. So I need to create a setup/deploy project. My VS2005 does not
have a wizard when I select Setup/Deploy project :(. I don't normally use
wizards, but the searches I have done for this all suggest "use the wizard".
Is there an explanation somewhere how to create a setup project and include
all the required files/references/icons... manually for VB2005 projects?