Re: need traceback from "has encountered an error and must close"


You are right -:) would it be that they are so ashamed about this that they did not include it in the page.

AFAIK remember me it is(was) direct used by the converter as you converted from VB6 to VB2002.

(After that one time I was not using it anymore, although it seems to be much better in VB6 to VB2005).



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The Microsoft.VisualBasicCompatiblity.vb6 namespace is still suported and a part of all current Net framework 2.0 and its full compatible versions including 3.5. However I would nobody advice to use it. This the same as with the Collection class in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace although that is an official full part of the Net framework. (Some mix the Net framework up with the System.Net namespace, where Net is in fact a part of the System namespace (In other words, in the System namespace are parts not in the Microsoft namespace of Net, the latter sentence written smilling)

(I have this not mailed personally to you to, to be shure that your message will not give by you not intended wrong results)


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Hi Robert,

Can you show us the screenshot of this error message? If I remember
correctly, the FlexGrid is a VB6 COM control and is not a part of the .Net
Framework. So if the OS did not install and register the FlexGrid COM
control, the OS loader can not find the COM control. This will cause the OS
loader error dialog pop up for failure. Since the OS loader fails the
application, our code did not have the chance to execute yet. That's why
the error dialog is not very informative.

To troubleshoot loader problem, I would recommend Process Monitor from the
link below:

You may take care of the file system&registry activitiy records with "Not
Found" result. If you are not familiar with using Process Monitor for
troubleshooting, I highly recommend Mark Russinovich's online tech talk
"Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Process Monitor"

Anyway, this is just one possible cause. If it is a runtime code error
instead of the loader time problem, I have written a blog regarding how to
get a comprehensive stack trace in production server using Windbg and
Process Explorer:
"How to debug application crash/hang in production environment?"

Finally, I agree with Cor that you'd better move to the new .Net
DataGridView control. This control is in .Net Framework, so your
application can use it without any portability issue on all OS with .Net
Framework installed.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Tan
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