Re: Is VB Caca??

It was my attempt to turn a potential language war thread into something
more along the lines of a discussion. I was hoping people would understand
that the language they use isn't the only one and their particular needs not
the needs of everybody.

When somebody writes that something is "easier" (say the UCASE() function)
one should consider that it is easier to them and perhaps easier to the
other people in their club but not easier to everybody. Following a
language-agnostic methodology is probably "easier" if one switches between
languages regularly.

It was my hope I could jump in before somebody claimed that VB.Net is new
and that C# is the end of a generation or suggested that people preferred
punch cards to disk drives because they are more portable (which of course
they aren't unless 2 GB of punch cards can fit on the end of a keychain) but
alas that has already been posted.

If I were to guess I'd say VB.Net is making inroads into the corporation
precisely because it isn't VB6.

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Why do you hang out here if you don't like VB?

Hi Robin: I realize your question was directed to Göran but I thought
I'd take a stab at it since you seem like a reasonable person.
Notwithstanding your attempts in microsoft.public.dotnet.general to get
people to stop posting questions about why their modem won't dial and
such :-)