Re: GPS & Windows Mobile

Yes. For VS 2003, you can download my CFDecodeGPS dll (see Software
Downloads on my homepage), or the SDF on These work with
all GPS receivers that output standard NMEA-0183 data, and yes, they work
with BT receivers. My CFDecodeGPS class works with VS 2005, too. VS 2003
does not have a built-in serial object, but the downloads that I suggested
above include serial connectivity.

For VS 2005, you can use the built-in System.IO.Ports class for serial
connectivity. There also is a GPS API included for Windows Mobile 5 devices
(though I haven't had any real success with it).

BTW, my book (see below) has example GPS source code for Compact Framework 1
and 2 (Pocket PC 2002/3 and Windows Mobile 5, and that can be used on a
variety of Windows CE platforms, too).


Thanks Dick. Rather than use a DLL, I want to do this using native
code that I have written, especially as I might want to distribute in
the future some/all of the the code. I plan to use VB2005 although I
am very tempted to stick with VB2003 because I have not yet used 2005
(however, the fact that 2005 has IO.Ports is very tempting). Am I
right in assuming that the 2.0 framework can be installed on CE, Pocket
PC and Windows Mobile?

Any other thoughts?