Re: Another Printing Question

"Herfried K. Wagner [MVP]" <hirf-spam-me-here@xxxxxx> a écrit dans le
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"Anne DeBlois" <annedeblois@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
You can basically pass the scaled height and width to 'DrawImage'. Note
that backslashes inside string literals must not be escaped in VB.NET.

You mean I can pass parameters to the DrawImage method?

Yes, just check out the different overloads in the documentation or the
object browser.

Thank you very much!

As for the escaped backslashes, I had to do it because I got a first
chance exception (FileNotFound) using "simple" backslashes when
compiling... Someone suggested that I escape them.

Sorry, but that's nonsense for VB.NET -- are you sure you are using

Of course, I am using VB.NET in VS2005. And yeah, that's a nonsense but it
got me rid of that filenotfound exception at that time.



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