Re: MS's Excruciating Update Cycles

Yikes! Since "Q3" probably means "End-of-Q3 or more likely Start-of-Q4" that
would make it almost one whole year for a bug patch for VS2005. VS2003 never
even got a single one in 4 years... though I would venture to say that in
IMHO VS2003 was a lot more polished than VS2005.... I don't fault MS for
having bugs. Bugs are inevitable. Though some of the bugs in VS2005 are "how
they'd miss that?" head-scratchers, it is all-in-all a great product and a
fantastic upgrade. But their lumbering, overly technocratic (MS needs a
Steve Jobs!!!), and marketing driven release cycles are taking a toll on my
respect and patience... and I'm a long-time defender!

-C. Moya
"Carlos J. Quintero [VB MVP]" <carlosq@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Carlos,

I agree 100% with you, and in fact I follow that policy of frequents bug
fixes for my own products (I release a new build with bug fixes the 1st
day of the month for all my MZ-Tools add-ins). I suppose that bigger
products like VS 2005 require some more months but certainly I would also
prefer more frequent SPs (at least two per year).

The first SP for VS 2005 is scheduled for Q3 2006:

And for what is worth, it will not only fix bugs but also will introduce
new features, such as a new Web Application project type (project-based,
not folder-based, with a single output assembly) as we had in VS.NET 2003


Best regards,

Carlos J. Quintero

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"CMM" <cmm@xxxxxxxxxx> escribió en el mensaje
Just discovered yet another out and out *retarded* bug in VS2005... this
time in the way Application_Startup /w the Application Framework enabled
works (yes, it's a BUG... it's already doc'd in the MS community forums
on MSDN... it concerns aborting Application_Startup when a SplashScreen
is set).

It's been almost 5 months since VS2005 has been released... and it was
obvious that it badly needed a 2.0.1 patch since the day it was released.
These excruciating MS patch cycles and the MVP apologists "I'd rather
wait to get a well-tested patch" are abhorent. I say patches to fix BUGS
should be FREQUENT. I say, if a patch that is suppossed to FIX bugs
creates MORE bugs, it is bad DEV and not lack of testing. 6 months, 8
months, two years of testing isn't going to help anything. MS has got to
get their act together. VS2005, while neat and welcomed, is nonetheless
extrememly bug-ridden (in really small and head-smacking ways). If the
long-awaited "2.0.1" release doesn't deliver, I swear I think I've had it
with MS.

-C. Moya