Re: what to use to play sound?

I have a similar sort of question, so thought I'd tag it on here...
I want to generate audio rather than playing a wav or mp3, I've had a
look at the new SoundPlayer Class, but it doesn't seem like its what I
need, basically, to get me started I need a way of generating a 50Hz
Tone using the default sound card.

The only way I've thought of so far is to create the WAV in code, then
get the soundplayer to play it, but I'd rather do it properly, I'd
need it to be interactive and respond quickly to changes on the GUI

Anyone help?


p.s. It needs to use the sound card, not the internal speaker.

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"djc" <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
what choices do I have to play sounds in a program using Or, I
if nothing vb specific what windows API(s) should I look at? I am
to find out whats needed for playing short wav files for sound effects as
well as playing longer sound clips in mp3 format.

.NET 2.0 contains a 'SoundPlayer' class which can be used to play wave
files. For MP3 files consider using the Multimedia class available in
"Useful Classes" at <URL:>.