Dynamic public property generation

I am not quite sure what I am getting into but I would like to have a loop
that read from a flat file to create some public properties in a class. I
am going after this to try and create more general software that others
could benefit from vs hardcoding things that relate only to my processes.

example property that I would want to generate:
The idea would be to read from a file that "AGE" is needed and that it is
and Integer and then to create the property in a class. This is related to
DotNetNuke 3.x

I do know one method relates to having a class that manipulates the class
file that need to be dynamic... Any thoughts on this or successful

Public Property Age() As Integer
Return _Age
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As Integer)
_Age = Value
If Not ObjectHydrated Then
ObjectHydrated = True
End If
End Set
End Property