Re: ConfigurationManager

I basically have a 2008 solution that I need to make changes to. I am
trying to determine how this solution (.sln file) is setup. There is no
When I compile this application is debug mode, it needs lots of files. If I
compile the .sln file in 'release' mode, the application compiles with a few

Basically I am trying to determine how this .sln is setup beofre I make
any changes to it.

Why would buidling in release mode versus debug mode make a difference?
Does it make sense to add a reference to a .dll file in release mode but not
in debug mode?

"Peter Duniho" wrote:

aaron wrote:
I would like to know how to use the ConfigurationManager for building
(compiling) various parts of a 2008 windows application. Can you tell
me the following:
1. How do you setup more options for 'building' configuration settings (like
'test-servera', 'test-serverb').
This would be in addition to the default options of 'debug' and 'release'?
2. If I setup a solution that has several projects in it, how could I setup
'selected project files' that I want to work with?
In other words, I would to 'pick' what modules I want to build in a
particular run of the application?

What part of the Configuration Manager dialog are you specifically
having trouble with? I realize it's not 100% intuitive, but it's also
not really _that_ bad of a dialog. There are only a few things you can
do in it, and the things you can do seem reasonably obvious to me.

What in that dialog is specifically causing you difficulty?