Re: how do I get just one \, problem with escape sequence


Both solutions You written is good for this case, and You are actually getting c:\GotoWebSite.aspx, but when You look at a strings value, VS will show it with escape chars, so it will shown with \\ but its actually \ :)

Hope You find this useful.

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I am using Visual Studio 2009 creating a c# program. I want to create a
string c:\GoToWebSite.aspx when I try to do it this way :
string FileStr = “c:\GoToWebSite.aspx". I get an error message
Error 3 Unrecognized escape sequence When I try FileStr =
“c:\\GoToWebSite.aspx". The resulting string is c:\\GoToWebSite.aspx. . When
I try FileStr = @“c:\GoToWebSite.aspx.” the resulting string is =
c:\\GoToWebSite. How do I just get c:\GotoWebSite.aspx?


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