Re: WCF Message Security Problem

Hi again,

Ok with a LOT of fiddling around with certificates and security
permissions the problem appears to have been resolved. Kind of ;) I
have message security working but it will only work if I set the
clients certificate validation mode to None:

<authentication certificateValidationMode="None" />

Any thoughts would be appreciated if I set the mode to
PeerOrChainTrust I experience the same faulting channel as before.

Another question....

If the username and password authentication fails the clients channel
simply faults. Security exceptions appear to be thrown very early on
in the pipeline before and thus my custom error handlers don't get
installed in time (IErrorHandler). I find it slightly annoying that I
can't determine the cause of this on the client but I can understand
that lack of information here makes the service more secure.
Determining on the client whether it is an authentication problem or a
communications error is a bit of a pain but I can work around this by
having a separate authentication service to handle login verification


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