Re: Vista RC1 & 2 - Developers perspective?


I just discovered Strahl's blog item and it aparently had nothing to do with
VS2005 so my comments should be considered null and void.

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Rick Strahl has determined and blogged about his discovery that VS2005
does not run in some manner significant to blog about when VS2005 is
installed on Vista. Microsoft has responded with something typical like
stating "our developers are our most important asset but tough titty, you
all have to wait until sometime after Vista is released when a patch will
be released shortly thereafter."

I don't know the details of Strahl's discovery but the trade press has
picked up his discovery and claim Microsoft's response caused a bit of a
fire storm in the past week. It seems to me .NET 3.0 will have to be used
on XP Pro for many many months to come or developers are S.O.L. when using

Meanwhile developers using VS2005 with XP Pro want to know when VS2005
will run without error on XP Pro?

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This message is for any developers using Vista RC1 or RC2:

I would like to know generally how you feel about developing with Vista
using Visual Studio.NET 2003 or 2005. What are you likes what are your
dislikes and have you encourted any major show stoppers regarding
compatibility (i.e. things you could run on WinXP that will not work on