Fatal Application Error

From: pillars (pillars_at_csc.com.questions)
Date: 11/08/04

Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 08:59:05 -0800

I have been developing an application in Windows CE.Net using the .Net
Compact Framework and C#. Data is saved to a local Sql Server CE database and
then transferred wirelessly to a central server. The device has to open a
connection every 5 minutes, transfer all records and then disconnect.

I have been running tests to verify the capacity of the database, if, for
example, the network goes down and transfers cannot be made. I have disabled
the device from connecting to the network (although it will still try every 5
minutes) and have built the number of records up to about 10,000 records. At
this point, a Fatal Application Error message is raised, saying that the
application has performed an illegal operation and giving the Exception as
0Xc00000fd. Doing a quick search on Googal shows this to be a stack overflow

I have not been to catch the error during a debug session. There seems to be
no specific point at which this error occurs.

Thinking that the error was down to lack of memory, I have adjusted the
breakdown of RAM between the Object Store and program memory, giving the
program memory an extra 10mb to play with. This has had no effect and the
application still crashes, before the extra memory is anywhere near used up.

Is this error down to memory or something else?

Any help would be most appreciated.