Re: Completely lost please help

What version of the framework are you working with? 7.03 I believe is not
compatible with 2005. Did you just copy the assemblies down, or did you
install the assemblies and so they live in "program files\common\act7"

What are the errors that you are getting? You get these when opening the
samples that come along with the SDK, as far as I know, the assemblies are
distributed as binaries and not as source.

Good luck with working with the SDK, it seems that ACT is still learning how
to make an SDK and is constantly deprecating methods. Are you one of the
gifted few that has an ACT support contract, their newsgroup is pretty good
and everyone seems to be able to help out. The development team even graces
the group.

<garyusenet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am working with an application which is based on .net framework, and
> comes with an SDK.
> I've installed MS VB 2005 express edition.
> it seems to open most of the files in the sdk, but it gives some errors
> and i can't get them to do anything.
> how do i add functionality to this application built on the .net
> framework. i've followed the lessons in vb 2005 express but it doesn't
> seem to help me.
> i'm completley lost.
> the app im trying to expand is Act!