Marshal single/float types

Hi all,

I have to deal a lot with serial data exchange between a .NET (1.1)
application running on a PC on one side and controler based devices
programmed in plain C on the other. The latter expect data as a stream of
bytes, extracting numerical values or char[] by 'counting and casting'
(e.g. int n = *(int*)&data[0], byte b = *(byte*)&data[4]) (Very old
fashioned, but still real)

For 'simple' types like char[] or the various int types I use Marshal.Read /
Write....() methods to write the values into and back out of a byte[]
exchanged between the machines, but I didn't find a way to to access the
mere 4 bytes representing the value of a System.Single (==float) struct.

I stumbled over the Marshal.Copy() method, but this expects an 'unmanaged
destination', whereas byte[] is managed and therefore not accepted.

Maybe there is a more simple approach I can't see?

Thanks for any help,


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