Re: Converting enum Keys value to string

For enum to int conversion use a cast:

int i = (int)Keys.F10;
Keys k = (Keys)i;

For enum to string conversion:

string s = Keys.F10.ToString();
Keys k = (Keys)Enum.Parse(typeof(Keys), s);


"Ahmed" <ahmedbm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am saving the enum value of specific keys to an xml file which i then
> need to get the string representation. I believe KeysConverter is there
> for that but i have trouble using it for my purpose.
> i want to give it a value and have it spit out its Keys equivilancy for
> example.
> 121 -> Keys.F10
> I am not sure if i am playing with the right function or not but any
> advise or suggestions would be appreciated :)