CHM file and webbrowser component

Hi group,

I want to show a particular html page from a chm file in the webbrowser component (.NET 2.0). It works if I have the chm file on disk and make the webbrowser navigate to it via the mk:@MSITStore url (i.e. webbrowser.Navigate("mk:@MSITStore:C:\foo.chm::/start.html")).

Now I want to embed the chm into my assembly and load it from there directly into the webbrowser component (without storing it temporarily on disk). I thought I could use webbrowser.DocumentStream and set it to the stream of the 'chm resource'. But how can I tell the webbrowser that this stream is a chm and he has to navigate to a specific html page.

Perhaps there is a completely other aproach. Any hints are welcome.

Best regards,