Display vbCrLf in datagridview

I am working with the new datagridview control. In my sql table, I
have a varchar(500) column wich holds address information for an entry
in what we call "label" format.

In other words, I concantonated the address lines together into on
string with vbCrLF inserted in between the address lines and
city/state/zip line. So, a typical address in this column should look

1 Main Street
Suite 1000
Anytown, ST 12345

However, when I bind this to my datagridview control, the vbCrLf
characters in the string do not "translate" and the address displays on
one line with a box taking the place of each CR or LF character in the

I have set the rows to auto expand in the datagridview but that has not

How can I make this display like I want?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Glen Wolinsky