Re: Cannot find the certificate and private key for decryption at Microsoft.Web.Services.Security.X509.X509Certificate.get_Key()

yes i did export the private key, i have opened the Certificate and saw it
also show that it has the private key.
it works fine on Application not on Web Site Same machine.
thank you

"Pablo Cibraro [MVP]" <pcibraro@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Did you also export the private key ? (Some certificates are installed
without the "private key - export" support, so there is no way to move
them between different machines if you do not have the original pfx file).

Pablo Cibraro.

"bhu" <bhuvaneshwar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am getting this Error, we have a application which is there in the
Server with Certificates,
and it is working fine done by some one else.
I am taking care of that app now, and i don;t have any info on how they
installed etc.
i am trying to put it in my machine for support etc, but cannot make it
to work.
So i have created a sample web app with the same code, but i get this
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Cannot find the certificate and
private key for decryption at

The same code created on winform and it works fine.
i have done all these : permmision given to ASPNet, NetworkServices to
this dir C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
To install the Certificates i used mmc Certificates and import the .pfx
Here is the snippet of the code.
X509CertificateStore certStore


X509CertificateCollection certs

X509Certificate oCert =((X509Certificate) certs[0]);


{if (!oCert.SupportsDigitalSignature || (oCert.Key == null))

{Response.Write(" fail");}




catch(Exception ee)

any ideas please post it.


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