Re: x64 com interop issue

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We now setup a x64 server TESTSERVER2. Registered the com dll using C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\regsvr32. When then used tlbimp from .net 2.0 x64 sdk and created a proxy stub for the com dll. We then tried to test the web service and it failed with the following error:-

Are you trying to use the library in-process or out-of-process?
AFAIK you can only use WOW64 to run entire processes in 32-bit
emulation, so if by x64 server you mean that you are actually
running a 64 bit process, then you can't use a 32-bit library
in-process. You would need a 64-bit COM library for this, but
that will not be available if the library was written in VB6.

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