Reg-free COM problem

In one of my VS2005 projects, I'm referencing a VB6 (SP5) COM DLL. The
"isolated" property of the DLL reference is set to true. When I try to
build the application, I receive the following errors:

Error 1 Problem isolating COM reference '<myCOMDLL>': Registry key
is missing value '(Default)'. WindowsApplication2

Error 2 Problem isolating COM reference '<myCOMDLL>': Registry key
is missing value '(Default)'. WindowsApplication2

The problem DLL has four classes. Two of these classes are declared
"PublicNotCreatable". This appears to be causing the problem, as there are
no "InProcServer32" keys for these entries. The other two classes are
MultiUse, and have the InProcServer32 keys that VS is expecting.

Is there a solution to this problem besides changing the instancing property
of the two classes to MultiUse?


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