Re: GDI+ (SetROP2_I???)

You cannot do this with GDI+. A "feature" that I remember arguing
voiceferously about many years ago with poor John Hornick ;-).

The only way to go is to interop the the GDI calls and draw using GDI calls
for all drawing operations that you want to be drawn with an XOR brush.

There is a cheat if you just want to draw lines because ControlPaint
provides a set of DrawReversibleXXX methods but they do the interop for you
under the covers anyway.

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Visual C#, System.Drawing

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"Gilberto Müller" <GilbertoMller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi again,
> How to configure the pen mode using GDI+ ?
> Example: R2_XORPEN
> Thanks,