Re: The type or namespace name 'Browsable' does not exist in the class

I couldn't find the 'View Class Diagram' link. Here is some more info
that I just found out today. I am editing XSD files that are
representing my data. They work fine and I get no errors until I try
to add some more data to the XSD (3 int fields). I am adding the new
fields in the design view. I just started updating it to handle some
new data. It seems when I try to change the data in the XSD files I
get that error. If I leave them alone they work fine. Is there a
certain way that I am suspose to add new data to the file?

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On Nov 28, 12:21 pm, dbgrick <dbgr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
The Browsable attribute is a desktop designer attribute and does not exist in
the Compact Framework. You need to remove this from the code and add it to
you designer xml file. You can have visual studios do this for you by right
clicking on the file in the solution explorer and selecting the View Class
Diagram link. In the class on the designer, Click on the property and in
the Properties page, select
the ... button in the Custom Attributes property. Then just add
Browsable(false) to the list. This will place the property in the xml file
and allow you to compile the control library.

I hope this helps.
Rick D.

"Rich" wrote:
I am getting this error:

"The type or namespace name 'Browsable' does not exist in the class or
namespace 'System.ComponentModel' (are you missing an assembly

When I am trying to build my Pocket PC application. The class that is
throwing this error is the .cs class that is generated by the data set
generator tool on this line :


I'm not sure why it would be failing sine the code is generated.

I am using VS .NET 2003 and Windows Vista.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,