Re: VS2005 and Device Emulator

Hi Nino,

Thank you for the tip. My Solution contains 4 projects, 2 CF projects for
the device and 2 desktop projects. I had already changed one CF project (the
main one) to target the "Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Device" but had not
thought about changing the other CF project - it was set to the default
(after migration) to "Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition Emulator". After
changing this CF project to target "Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Device",
the emulator now does not pop up.

Another thing I also learned when I was having trouble with some of my
Structures in my desktop Projects in this Solution, was that the SizeOf my
structures had "doubled" in my Vista 64-bit environment. My app is designed
for the 32-bit world (at the moment) and I found that in Vista 64-bit that I
needed to change the "Platform Target" for these desktop apps from "AnyCPU"
(the default) to "x86" in the Build section. It became apparent, when AnyCPU
is set that it uses the current development computer's OS size - i.e.
64-bits, and that is why my Structure sizes had changed.

Hopefully, this information might be useful to anyone migrating their 32-bit
projects in VS2005 to Windows Vista 64-bit.

Neville Lang

"Nino Benvenuti" <> wrote in message
I have not experienced this before particular to Vista, but have you
switched _all_ of the projects in your solution to use the device instead
of the emulator?

Nino Benvenuti
Device Application Development MVP

"Neville Lang" <neville@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have just migrated my CF app from VS .NET 2003 to VS2005. VS2005 has
also been installed freshly onto Windows Vista 64-bit and both the VS2005
SP1 and the Vista Update patches have been run.

In debugging my CF app, I always use a device, connected via the new
Mobile Device Center in Vista. However, when I press F5 to do a debug
session, the code not only downloads to my device and brings it up there
for stepping through but also the Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition Emulator
pops up too, and I always need to cancel it. My Target Device is set to
"Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Device" so I do not know why the emulator
has started up. Has anyone else encountered this situation on VS2005? If
so, how do you prevent the emulator starting up.

Neville Lang